14 September 2020 – PMDP welcomes 39 additional scholars for it 24th batch of the Middle Managers Class. The program, following the structure of the recent ceremonies since the start of the local quarantine was hosted via Google Meet and streamed live on PMDP’s official Facebook page.

DAP President and CEO Atty. Engelbert C. Caronan extended his warmest welcome to the  new batch and encourage them to use their time under the Program wisely by asking questions, reflecting, thinking, and looking at their respective roles in the past and into the future of their organizations. He stressed that being in PMDP, under the mentorship of the esteemed faculty is the right opportunity to confront the struggles that they have been encountering throughout their career as a public servant and seek solutions for them. According to Caronan, more than the new knowledge and experience to be gained is the opportunity to find inspiration to continue public service, create public value and innovation and adapt to change.

The scholars were introduced to the people who will serve as their guides during their stay in the Program. Senior Vice President for Programs Magdalena L. Mendoza and Managing Director Nanette C. Caparros led the introduction of the members of the faculty and staff of the Program, respectively. Class Director Mary Geraldine C. Naraja then introduced to the attendees the 39 specially selected scholars whose public service will be challenged throughout their PMDP journey.

MMC 23 – Matatag’s Class President Ricardo Benjamin DC. Osorio delivered the challenge for excellence to the new batch of scholars. Osorio commended the incoming scholars for their bravery and determination to pursue learning despite the present situation. He believes that their respective agencies made the right decision in nominating them to undergo the Program as the experience will equip them with skills and knowledge necessary to the nation’s recovery efforts; however, this rewarding experience comes with expectations which Osorio enumerated. He asked the scholars for their full commitment and determination to see the Program through. He also asked them to view their co-scholars as their partners even when disagreements arise, as this time calls for unity and solidarity. Lastly, Osorio advised the scholars to manage their ego and to not take offense at the criticisms given by their mentors as they aim not to put them down but to transform their work to its best form.

Dr. Monrey Isaiah C. Mancilla, from the Department of Health – Region V gladly accepted the challenge in behalf of MMC Batch 24. In his speech, Mancilla recalled the events and situations that have affected the country since the start of the year. Most of these have negatively impacted all aspects of society and for people to take note of these is normal.  As Mancilla shared that  science has proven that humans tend to remember negative events more than positive ones; however, on the day of their opening of classes, he asked his co-scholars to remember how they took the challenge to make a difference despite the situation they are currently in. He concluded by expressing his excitement to learn and meet the batch. He wished for them to later be a family and work together, “para sa bayan” and “para sa Pilipinas”.

DOH – Region XI Assistant Regional Director and MMC 5 – Dagitab alumna Dr. Lenny Joy Rivera provided further inspiration for the scholars with her speech. She described her experience under the Program as a rigorous training process. While she was offered and encouraged by her superiors to be a unit head, Rivera declined as she believed that she is not capable of taking on the task. This however changed after she started her PMDP journey which, she described as having molded her to become the leader that she is now. She believes that the training greatly influenced her work attitude, values, and enthusiasm to serve the public, with her four promotions and attainment of CESE eligibility within four years after the Program as its fruit. Rivera added that it made her realize that she needed to achieve self-mastery before she can extend help to others. She learned never to settle for less than her full potential and to constantly seek improvement. She also shared her takeaways from her experience in the Program such as to be ready to take on varying challenges and how to be a transformational leader. She recalled how she was able to use these lessons in the most important areas of her career, especially now that she plays an important role in the country’s fight against COVID-19. Rivera stressed the importance of the Program in the scholars’ transformation as high-performing, high-potential public servants and left them with her advice — to take this opportunity to widen their network as each person they encounter plays a role in molding them into the leaders that the country needs.

The NGCESDP Steering Committee, that guides and leads the PMDP, was represented by NEDA Usec. Jose Miguel dela Rosa in the ceremony who extended his message to the incoming batch. He said they hope that the scholars find joining the Program worthwhile not only for career development, but also because of their desire to be well-rounded civil service professionals. He urged them to improve their work environment and be an inspiration to their colleagues. Dela Rosa, who has been a part of the last batch of the PMDP precursor, CESDP, believes that the scholars have the distinct advantage of receiving a better version of the modules as it will introduce new concepts and ideas that are relevant to the times. He described his experience during the training by recalling how the 22nd batch of the CESDP built their bond, which lasted until now, through sharing of ideas, values, plans, and concepts. Dela Rosa assured the scholars that joining the Program is a worthy investment that will benefit both the country and themselves. He ended by challenging the scholars to give meaning to the call “serve the people” and stay in the government service.