1. PMDP SEC Form A – Nomination (To be accomplished by the Head of Agency)
  2. PMDP SEC Form B – Assessment of the Immediate Supervisor (To be accomplished by the Immediate Supervisor)
  3. PMDP SEC Form C – Agency Screening Certification Form (To be accomplished by the Office Personnel / Administrative Officer)
  4. PMDP Form D – Declaration of Medical Illnesses (To be accomplished by the Nominee)
  5. PMDP Form E – Government Physician Certification with Laboratory Results attached (To be accomplished by a Physician not related to the nominee, from a Government Hospital other than the agency’s clinic/hospital)
  6. Updated Personal Data Sheet – CSC Form 212 (To be accomplished by the nominee)
  7. Certified True Copy of CSC Form 33 (Appointment Papers)
  8. Certified True Copy of Designation Order (if applicable)
  9. Original / Certified True Copy of Transcript of Records
  10. Certified True Copy of Birth Certificate
  11. Copy of the Red Passport
  12. Copy of the Organizational Chart
  13. Copy of the IPCR for the past two (2) years
  14. Certificate of no pending administrative / criminal case