Original hard and digital copies of the following must be submitted:

  • PMDP Nomination Form (A)
    • Note: For nominations made by Regional Directors or other Officers, an endorsement from the Central Office is required.
  • Immediate Supervisor’s Assessment Form (B)
  • Agency Screening Certification Form (C)
  • Declaration of Medical Illnesses Form (D)
  • Physician Certification Form (E)
  • Laboratory Results such as: CBC (Complete Blood Count); Urinalysis; Fecalysis; Physical assessment; Chest X-ray
  • Updated Personal Data Sheet – CSC Form 212
  • Certificate of No Pending Administrative/Criminal Case
  • Certified true copy of TOR from last school attended
  • Nominee Certification Form
  • Letter of Conforme (To be submitted upon acceptance to the Program)

The following must be submitted in digital copies only:

  • Certified true copy of CSC Form 33 (Appointment papers)
  • Certified true copy of Designation Order (if applicable)
  • Copy of IPCR (with Adjectival Rating) for the past two (2) years
    • Note: In case of unavailability, a certification from the HR must be submitted. SEC nominees may submit OPCR/DPCR/CESPE
  • Organizational Chart of the Agency (reflecting the applicant’s name/position/level)
  • Certified true copy of birth certificate
  • Certified true copy of Official (Red) Passport [Pages 2 and 3]

Download the PMDP SEC Forms here: