• What is the usual deadline of submission of requirements?

    As soon as possible. The Admissions team will then contact you on the status of your application. Ideally, the application requirements should be submitted to PMDP at least one (1) month before the opening date.

  • Where can I submit the requirements?

    Send advance e-copy to and hardcopy to the PMDP Office at the Development Academy of the Philippines Pasig through the ReAd unit.

  • How many applicants may an agency send to PMDP?

    The agency may nominate more than five (5) scholars, all subject to deliberation. PMPD will rank potential applicants depending on the results of the qualifying process.

  • Who can nominate the applicants from our agency?

    The following may nominate the potential applicants to the Program:

    a. Head of the agency (Secretary level for the national line agencies)

    b. Regional Directors (for regional offices of national line agencies)

    c. Executive Directors/Directors/Directors General/Administrators of attached agencies

    d. Office-in-Charge of the agency with nominating authority

  • Can personnel from the Local Government Units (LGUs) apply in the Program?

    Personnel from LGUs can avail of the training programs offered by the Local Government Academy. Further, PMDP is open to qualified and permanent personnel in the bureaucracy only.

  • Is there an age and salary grade requirement for the Program?

    For the Middle Managers Class, qualified applicants must be aged 50 years old or less (except in the Security Sector where maximum age shall be 46 years) with SG 18-24. For the Senior Executives Class, qualified applicants must be aged 55 years old or less (except in the Security Sector where maximum age shall be 50 years) with SG 25 or higher.