• What is the usual deadline of submission of requirements?

    The application requirements should be submitted to PMDP Recruitment and Admissions at least one (1) month before the opening date.

  • Where can I download the admission forms?

    The PMDP application forms and the list of admission requirements may be accessed from these links:

    Senior Executives Class:

    Middle Managers Class:

  • Where can I submit the requirements?

    Please upload e-copies of the admission requirements via:

    Senior Executives Class:

    Middle Managers Class:


    The hard copies of the documents shall be submitted to:

    PMDP, DAP Building, San Miguel Avenue, Ortigas Center, Pasig City 1600

    Attn: Ms. Angelica D. Ranas

  • How many applicants may an agency send to PMDP?

    The agency may nominate more than five (5) scholars, all subject to deliberation. PMDP will rank potential applicants depending on the results of the qualifying process.

  • Who can nominate the applicants from our agency?

    The following may nominate the potential applicants to the Program:

    a. Head of the agency (Secretary level for the national line agencies)

    b. Regional Directors (for regional offices of national line agencies)

    c. Executive Directors/Directors/Directors General/Administrators of attached agencies

    d. Officer-in-Charge of the agency with nominating authority


    Please note that nominations made by the Regional Directors and other officers vested with the authority to nominate must be certified/confirmed by the Central Office).

  • Can personnel from the Local Government Units (LGUs) apply in the Program?

    No.  Nominees for PMDP Middle Managers Class (MMC) and Senior Executives Class (SEC) shall be qualified individuals from national line and attached agencies, constitutional offices, GOCCs and SUCs only.

    However, personnel from the LGUs may avail of the training programs offered by the Local Government Academy and by the DAP through its Local Government Executives and Managers Class (LGEMC).

    To know more about the LGEMC, you may contact them via:

  • Can personnel from the Security Sector apply in the Program?

    No.  Interested applicants may apply or send inquiries to the DAP Graduate School of Public and Development Management via

  • Is there an age and salary grade requirement for the Program?

    For the Senior Executives Class, qualified
    applicants must be incumbents or OICs in
    directorship positions, and 55 years or

    For the Middle Managers Class, qualified
    applicants must be Division Chiefs (SG 24)
    or those in equivalent positions who are in
    succession for 3rd level posts, aged 50
    years and below. OIC-Division Chiefs for at
    least a year who are being groomed for the
    designated position are also eligible for
    nomination. It is also open to fast-tracker
    specialists with SG 18 to SG 23.

  • What are the required laboratory results?
    1. Physical Assessment
    2. Complete Blood Count (CBC)
    3. Urinalysis
    4. Fecalysis
    5. Chest X-ray

    Laboratory results must be issued by a Physician from a Government or Private Hospital or the Nominee’s Agency Clinic/Hospital, and taken within the last 6 months at the time of application.