Middle Managers Class Batch 27 Udaya concluded their PMDP training phase in a “Pista sa Nayon” themed Closing Ceremony held last 11 February 2022. Like their classes, the event was virtually held via Zoom.

The festive ceremony was prompted with PMDP Managing Director Nanette C. Caparros welcoming the attendees and honoring the scholars for this milestone achievement. She commended the scholars for creatively and successfully mounting their Amazing Concert and said that completing the PMDP online training alone was already a big feat for them. “We are overjoyed with 38 of you completing the training phase. That’s a lot of names in a gleaming new brass marker!”, MD Caparros said.

Udaya Class President John Vincent V. Cardenas delivered his heartfelt message on behalf of the class. He shared the valuable lessons he learned as a PMDP scholar, remarking that this is not the end and only the beginning of their journey as public servants. Cardenas emphasized that when they return to their respective agencies, they are equipped with valuable learning experiences from the Program. He concluded his speech with a strong message to his classmates – “Marami ang tinawag na magsilbi para sa bayan pero kakaunti lamang ang pinili para maglingkod para dito…tunay na ibig sabihin ng serbisyo publiko.

Selected scholars also shared their experiences in the Program. Jesha Mae Abesamis of the Human Settlements Adjudication Commission Central Office recalled the hardships she faced as a scholar. After passing the recruitment interview, she thought that the challenge was over, but later realized that it was just the beginning. Nonetheless, she felt satisfied that she persevered through the training phase. To her, PMDP filled her cup, not only with knowledge but with experiences, values, and most of all friendship. Lastly, she expressed her gratitude to the Program for molding them to be the best public servants they could ever be.

For Maria Esperanza A. Bayonas of Don Emilio Del Valle Memorial Hospital Region VII, the Program allowed her to broaden not just her knowledge but her perspective as well. It made her more confident and prepared to take on her future appointment. The rigors of the past 6 months prepared the 39 of them for the formidable obstacles ahead. She reminded her co-scholars that, in times of uncertainty, may they always be reminded of the place where they surpassed most learnings and challenges.

Leda C. Cenon of the Department of Interior and Local Government Region VI attested to the importance of learning teams. These gave them the chance to collaborate and learn from each other, bringing them close together. This family she found in DAP served as a comfort zone in times of hardships during their training phase. Aside from all the lessons, one thing she took with her from their journey is the friendship they forged. 

The event’s heartwarming mood became fun and entertaining through the Pinoy Halo-Halo game where the scholars were expected to quickly guess the answers to categories provided. The activity was facilitated by Learning Managers Jomar B. Villanueva and Mary Sharina Rose M. Yruma.

The scholars creatively conceptualized the awards to be given to the class members in the Peer Awards. The Hari ng Aliwan Award was given to Rommel R. Aquino for being the class entertainer; the Sarswuelita ng Taon Award was handed to Dinah C. Bonao for her touching stories that taught her classmates valuable lessons; the Hermano Mayor ng Taon Award was grabbed by John Vincent V. Cardenas for his leadership skills; the Lakan ng Kawanggawa Award was presented to Marlon I. Cardinoza for his volunteerism efforts to assist his co-scholars; the Bastonero Award was bestowed to Bernard Niño Q. Membrebe for showing his skills in redirecting back to the topic during meetings; the Bando-Bandillo Award was given to Lloyd C. Rosquita for being the early bird during class; the Manlalaro ng Lahi and Maniniyot Awards were handed to Melissa T. Sena for being the most competitive and for being active in taking candid pictures of their classes; the Tambuli ng Udaya and Panauhing Sulit sa Pistahan Awards were grabbed by Juvy C. Cahiga for always being active in their group chats and as the scholar who always eats in class; the Udaldal Award was presented to August Melody A. Andong for being the best in recitation and presentation; the Natatanging Pagganap Award was bestowed to Learning Team 7 – Sakalam for being the best group in terms of performance; and lastly, the Tanggal Banderitas Award was handed to Jesusa V. Noblejas as the scholar whose camera was always turned off due to intermittent internet connection.

The Closing Ceremony would not be complete without the audience’s picks for the best-dressed male and female. Among three men and three women who flaunted their Pista sa Nayon-themed outfits, Lloyd C. Rosquita and Cathy Macuja Lagunday emerged victorious.

DAP Senior Vice President Magdalena L. Mendoza delivered her inspiring Pabaon to the scholars. She remarked that the scholars must be innovative and plant the seeds of their learning from their modules to their respective agencies. She hopes that the PMDP has enkindled in them the same spirit and sensitivity to the situation of ordinary people and invigorated their dedication to public service. She reminded them that their job is not to make themselves rich but to be of service to the people and that it’s about time that they make a change. She also reminded them that what they do determines the future of the country. Lastly, she thanked and recognized the people behind the success of MMC Batch 27 – Udaya.

The last few parts of the Program were filled with excitement as Class Director Virginia C. Aldea presented the two Learning Journal Awards. These were bestowed to Sherrie Ann C. Labid and Marlon I. Cardinoza for sharing insights and learnings with conviction and consistency to create a road map for the application of learning. These scholars projected passion to move forward beyond the confines of the learning platform with renewed dedication and commitment.

The ceremony was concluded by an audio-visual presentation, showcasing nostalgic clips from module sessions and activities that encapsulated MMC 27’s journey through the training program.