The simple opening of Phronetic Leadership Class (PLC) Batch 4’s Observational Study Visit  in Japan happened virtually on 24 January 2022.   As with previous batches the  five-day activity is conducted  in  coordination with the National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies (GRIPS) of Japan.  During this component of the PLC, the   participants will have the opportunity to directly interact with recognized “phronetic” leaders  in the partner country albeit in a different platform at this time.

Fifteen undersecretaries, assistant secretaries, and senior regional directors from the national governments’ health and economic development sectors will undergo this training program. Joining them are three  PMDP faculty-in-charge.  The first leg of this high level program was held in October last year.

The event was kickstarted with a warm welcome and introduction from the host, Ms. Aiko Kitano, GRIPS Project Team, who then acknowledged the presence of her fellow team members, Ms. Ayaka Minamizuka and Ms. Makiko Kaneda, most especially GRIPS’ Director of the Executive Development Center for Global Leadership, Professor Kiyotaka Yokimichi. Professor Yokimichi welcomed the delegates and gave a brief introduction of the program. He expressed joyful anticipation of the success of this endeavor, as GRIPS aims to meet the objectives of the program. 

Two other notable speakers  of the gathering, Atty. Engelbert C. Caronan, Jr.,  President and CEO of the Development Academy of the Philippines, and Usec Jonathan E. Malaya, Undersecretary of the Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG) also shared  their thoughts about the program.  President  Caronan expressed jubilantly that ‘’today is yet another triumphant milestone unfolding before everyone, as  diplomatic relations between Japan and the Republic of the Philippines are further strengthened, through the collaboration between the GRIPS and the DAP.” Atty Caronan believed that the  program will provide participants with opportunities for quality direct experiences to nurture their phronetic abilities. Further, Atty. Caronan was elated for scholars to learn from Japan through the GRIPS  and be able to produce co-creation projects of innovative solutions to challenging issues in priority areas of their respective fields. Usec Malaya as PLC4 representative, on the other hand, noted the importance of the virtual foreign visit  and acknowledged the collaborative efforts between GRIPS and DAP-PMDP to capacitate scholars of PLC4  with robust training from honorable lecturers and phronetic leaders. Usec Malaya said that he is honored to be spending this worthwhile training program with like-minded public officials from various government agencies who earnestly wished to harness and enhance management skills. He hoped to use the practical lessons of the PLC to become more innovative and responsive to the needs of the community. Lastly, Usec Malaya wished for all the participants to walk out of the training with a higher understanding of their responsibilities as public servants.

Before adjourning the plenary session, Atty. Caronan presented an e-certificate and e-token to the GRIPS delegates for excellently designing and arranging the virtual observational study visit in Japan. 

The highly insightful session of Rikkyo University’s Professor Ayano Nishihara ensued.

Batch 5 of PMDP’s Phronetic Leadership Class is scheduled to open in  October 2022 with the Japan visit in  November 2022. We look forward to meeting the next amazing phronetic leaders  of PMDP!