SEC 12 – Sikhay Class, Senior Vice President for Programs Magdalena L. Mendoza, CCD Vice President Nanette C. Caparros, Program Director Sheryl D. Reyes, Supervising Fellow Reynalyn Padsoyan, SEC 12 Class Director Ma. Noralisa C. Bite, and SEC 12 LMTs.

The Center for CES Development (CCD) celebrated the culmination of Senior Executives Class Batch 12 – Sikhay with a festive Closing Program themed “White Christmas” held at the OD Corpuz Hall in DAP Pasig on December 14, 2023.

In opening the program, VP Nanette C. Caparros welcomed all those present, especially the PMDP teams, providing insights into their unwavering dedication contributing to the success of the class.

Class President Enrique Gascon Jr. delivers a poised message embodying elegance and leadership during the closing ceremony.

Class President Mr. Enrique H. Gascon, Jr. delivered a message, extending gratitude for the invaluable guidance and transformation during the PMDP journey. He expressed appreciation to the DAP management, faculty, and Class Director, Ma. Noralisa C. Bite, for making the experience memorable and for their role in shaping the class into phronetic leaders and development managers. Gascon also thanked his fellow Sikhay classmates, acknowledging the shared memories they created together.

Some of the Learning Team representatives reflectively and joyfully shared their testimonials and sentiments on their rigorous SEC journey. 

The Learning Team representatives provided an overview of their learning journey, sharing both the challenges and triumphs. Atty. Eric O. Ueda shared a personal testimony of transformation, emphasizing the influential and contagious impact each individual can have on the nation’s development. Ms. Rosalinni V. Moneda reflected on the initial forming stage of the program, highlighting the diversity of backgrounds, beliefs, and cultures among the participants. Despite potential conflicts, the Sikhay class demonstrated perseverance and determination, evolving into a strong support system for one another. Mr. Jeffrey C. Cruz admitted facing significant challenges during his time at DAP but expressed gratitude for the valuable lessons learned and the opportunity to share knowledge wherever he goes. Stressing the importance of lifelong learning, he emphasized effective communication at all levels. Ms. Fernandina P. Otchengco candidly recounted her initial struggles and emotional challenges, including contemplating quitting on the first night at DAP. She gradually unpacked and loosened up, finding inspiration during the brainstorming session for the class name, Sikhay. Otchengco highlighted the strategic thinking and greatness of her classmates. She concluded her testimony with a poignant touch, singing the class theme song, “The Last Waltz” by Engelbert Humperdinck.

Class Director Bite shares a message filled with joy and enthusiasm with her class.

Class Director Ma. Noralisa C. Bite expressed her gratitude, extending thanks to the LMTs, CCD-PMDP, and DAPCC Tagaytay staff. She specially acknowledged the Sikhay Class for entrusting her with their reflections and embracing the process, showcasing resilience in the face of challenges. Bite unveiled a meaningful acronym for Sikhay, symbolizing Solidarity, Inclusivity, Kind-heartedness (care for one another), Humility (grounded and simple), Agility, and the ever-important attribute of being Young at heart.

At the program, Vice President Caparros and Class President Enrique H. Gascon, Jr. presented peer awards. Mylah Gatchalian received the Stacy Award, and Jerry D. Cruz was honored with the Edward Award for consistently presenting their best, whether in performances or class sessions. Erick John H. Marmol earned the Kevin McCallister Award for his creative problem-solving skills. Wilfimell S. Tolentino-Macaraeg was recognized with the Poinsettia Award for exceptional resilience, and Fernandina P. Otchengco received the Christmas Carol Award for showcasing talents in academic and social activities. Mylah Gatchalian was awarded the Olaf Award for congeniality, while Wilfimell S. Tolentino-Macaraeg claimed the Anna Award for being the most helpful. Emma A. Camporedondo received the Elsa Award for the most improved Sikhay, and Enrique H. Gascon, Jr. & Eric O. Ueda were honored with the Peaches and Louis Award.

Class Director’s Awards were distributed, commencing with the Hark The Herald Award bestowed upon Jerry D. Cruz. Jay F. Macasieb earned the HoHoHo Award for infusing serious academic sessions with his delightful humor and fun. Enrique H. Gascon, Jr. was honored with the Rudolph Award for quietly leading the cheerful Sikhay pack through various challenges. Fernandina P. Otchengco received the Snowflake Award for seamlessly blending uniqueness with others despite challenges. Carlos G. Susarno was recognized with the Frosty Award for maintaining composure and expressing thoughts regardless of the audience. Jay F. Macasieb and Lani U. Pornuevo received the Mistletoe Award for enduring constant teasing and batch camaraderie. Mylah Gatchalian also secured the Buddy the Elf Award for maintaining a curious mind that consistently seeks answers within and outside classroom sessions.

From left to right: SVP Mendoza, VP Caparros, and Class Director Bite take photo opportunity with the two best-dressed awardees.

Venus F. Rebuldela and Erick John H. Marmol were honored with the PMDP Choice Awards, recognizing them as the best-dressed attendees at the event. The Star of the Night Award was bestowed upon Rosalinni V. Moneda for her outstanding presence at the ceremony. 

Senior Vice President for Programs, Magdalena L. Mendoza, delivered a heartfelt “Pabaon” Speech to the SEC 12 Batch Sikhay, expressing her sincere gratitude for their dynamism as a class. She concluded her speech by encapsulating SEC 12 in one word: Special, a testament to the unique bond and achievements that define this exceptional group.

A lively dance by SEC12  Sikay happily concluded the night for everyone.