On December 1, 2023, the Public Management Development Program (PMDP) marked a significant milestone with its 27th Graduation Ceremony, honoring the achievements of Middle Managers Class (MMC) Batch 29 – Talaghay and Batch 30 – Sillag at the DAP Conference Center in Tagaytay City. The event, thoughtfully streamed live on the PMDP Facebook page, commenced with a dignified procession of candidates, Learning Management Teams, Class Directors, Program Managers, and DAP officials. The 90 graduates, representing various government agencies from Cordillera Administrative Region to Bangsamoro Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao, were welcomed to the stage.

DAP President and CEO Atty. Engelbert Caronan, Jr. set the tone with his reflective remarks, weaving a narrative from DAP’s humble beginnings to its present stature as a beacon of innovation. “It feels like a poignant full-circle moment, considering that the D-A-P commenced its journey right here, where we stand today,” President Caronan said. He underscored the 50th founding anniversary’s significance, shaping the foundation for the PMDP’s evolution through the Center for CES Development. He challenged MMC 29 and 30 to be pioneers of innovative services and programs, emphasizing the transformative impact their stories would bring back to their respective agencies. 

Following President Caronan’s inspiring words, academic equivalencies were conferred upon the graduates, who then stepped onto the stage to receive their hard-earned diplomas and certificates. 

The program’s pinnacle was the Presentation of Academic and Special Awards, where Vice President Nanette Caparros honored those who excelled. The recognition extended to outstanding Capstone Projects, acknowledging the tireless efforts of scholars who showcased creativity, strategic thinking, and impactful initiatives.

The MMC Batch 29 graduates ‘With Honors’ were the following: Irwin Jayson N. Jamaca (Board of Investments – Region X), Gefelyn A. Goleng (Department of Agrarian Reform – Region IV MIMAROPA), Rossell L. Abuyo (Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority), and Maria Concepcion B. Perez (Department of Budget and Management – Central Office). Graduating as the Class Valedictorian is Rolly G. Villarin from Department of Health – Region VII.

The MMC Batch 30 graduates ‘With Honors’ were the following: Lyndon Ivan C. Merestela (Department of Trade and Industry), MG Naza May F. Camarin (Civil Service Commission – CARAGA), Angelie Brook U. Cejudo (Department of Health – Region VII), and Marissa M. Morales (National Economic and Development Authority – Region IV MIMAROPA). The Class Valedictorian is Christian M. Salazar from Cybercrime Investigation and Coordinating Center – NCR.

Beautiful smiles illuminate the moment as accomplished graduates, adorned with special awards and recognitions, bask in the glory of their well-deserved achievements. 

The Program also recognized the scholars who have significantly demonstrated distinct leadership characteristics. The Leadership Award for MMC Batch 29 was bestowed upon Rolly G. Villarin, and for MMC Batch 30, on Lawrence G. Agapito from the Department of Education – Region III.

With radiant smiles and well-deserved accolades, Mr. Rolly G. Villarin and Mr. Lawrence G. Agapito joyfully accept their Leadership Award. 

The graduates’ arduous Capstone Projects stand as undeniable beacons of recognition. Over several months, they immersed themselves in the intricate process of conceptualizing, planning, writing, reporting, and implementing, showcasing an extraordinary achievement that is definitely worthy of acknowledgment.

For MMC Batch 29, Rolly G. Villarin from the Department of Health – Region VII clinched the Best Citizen-Centered Capstone Project Award. The Best E-Government Capstone Project Award was bestowed upon Glenn S. Degal from the Department of Public Works and Highways – Central Office. Ronadit C. Capala-Arriesgado from the Department of Health was honored with the Best Smart Regulation Capstone Project Award. Adeline G. Batucan, representing the Philippine Statistics Authority, earned the Best Organizational Productivity Capstone Project Award. Lastly, the Best Capstone Project Award was handed to Alberto C. Cahilog, Jr. from the Department of Environment and Natural Resources.

For MMC Batch 30, Annielyn Z. San Pablo from the Philippine Health Insurance Corporation – Region V, earned the Best Citizen-Centered Capstone Project Award. The Best E-Government Capstone Project Award was claimed by Christian M. Salazar from the Cybercrime Investigation and Coordinating Center. The Best Corruption Prevention Capstone Project Award was presented to Ma. Theresa B. Eva from the Philippine Health Insurance Corporation – Region V. Jesseelyn P. Heje from the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines was honored with the Best Organizational Productivity Capstone Project Award. Lastly, Jennielyn S. Mariano from the Philippine Statistics Authority – Region III, was awarded the prestigious Best Capstone Project Award.

President Caronan, Senior Vice President Mendoza, Secretary Fortunato Dela Peña, and Class Directors Virginia Aldea and Aurma Manlangit present the prestigious awards for the outstanding Capstone Projects of the MMC Batch 29 and 30 graduates. 

In a heartfelt valedictorian speech, the Class Valedictorian of MMC 29 – Batch Talaghay, Mr. Rolly Villarin expressed gratitude for overcoming challenges during their academic journey. Despite facing financial constraints, Mr. Villarin embraced the opportunity and emphasized the importance of trusting the process. Acknowledging the unconventional circumstances of being the experimental batch for a hybrid setup of face-to-face and online classes, the valedictorian praised the resilience of Batch Talaghay in navigating obstacles such as internet connectivity issues and unfamiliar online platforms. The speaker also highlighted the transformative experience of the CP implementation, fostering collaboration, leadership skills, creativity, and personal and professional growth within the Talaghay and PMDP Family. “Our Batch Talaghay will commit that, we, the 45-strong scholars who are leaders in our own rights, will fulfill the goals and objectives of the program and strive to further develop ourselves in terms of technical capacity and leadership to better serve the Filipino people,” Villarin said. 

Mr. Rolly G. Villarin, the esteemed Class Valedictorian of MMC 29 Batch Talaghay, delivers an unforgettable, heartfelt, and passionately articulated class address destined to leave an indelible mark in our memories.

The Class Valedictorian of MMC Batch 30, Mr. Christian M. Salazar shared insights from their transformative journey, highlighting the program’s role in shaping them into a better leader. Emphasizing the principle of “Leadership Behind the Curtain,” the valedictorian spoke of servant leadership, helping others shine without seeking acknowledgment. Recounting his own challenges during the DAP journey, the speaker acknowledged the hardships faced by classmates, from illness to personal loss. His speech concluded with heartfelt thanks to family, mentors, and the Filipino people, expressing pride in being part of a batch of future servant-leaders who successfully implemented their Capstone Projects. With humility and respect, Mr. Salazar  said, “I am standing in front of my classmates and I consider them leaders and valedictorians in their respective field of expertise, career and personal lives in which I myself cant compete with.” The valedictorian dedicated the achievement to loved ones, classmates, and attributing the Glory to Jesus. “This year we implemented our masterpiece, our Capstone Projects. Today, we are a masterpiece. I’m sharing this glory to the 44 Sillag Scholars who made it through. Ladies and Gentlemen, please give them a round of applause, much louder than mine.” Salazar concluded. 

Mr. Christian M. Salazar gracefully imparts wisdom in his class address with his eloquent words and humility that resonate in the hearts and minds of MMC Batch. 

Upon completing their PMDP journey, the graduates, now alumni, recited the pledge led by State Solicitor II, Jefferson C. Secillano, an Incorporator of the PMDP Alumni Club. MMC Batch 28 – Hiraya, MMC Batch 22 – Uhay, and MMC Batch 21 – Silhig alumni then affixed alumni pins to the graduates, officially welcoming them to the PMDP Alumni Club. The Class Songs of MMC Batch 29 (“Fight Song”) and MMC Batch 30 (“At The Beginning”) were also performed live.

From left to right: “With unity and enthusiasm, MMC 29 – Talaghay and MMC 30 – Sillag graduates passionately showcase their spirit through vibrant performances of their class songs.” 

The current Senate President Pro-Tempore — Senator Loren B. Legarda served as the keynote speaker commending their dedication to becoming better leaders and managers in governance and public service through their relentless pursuit of learning. Senator Legarda encouraged them to maintain a steadfast commitment to development, translating their learning into tangible actions that yield favorable results. She emphasized the need for innovation, creativity, and a shared desire for transformative change to drive their efforts within their respective agencies.

Captivating insights unfold as Senator Loren Legarda delivers a powerful keynote address, brought to life through a compelling PowerPoint presentation graciously presented by President Caronan while reading the transcript. 

The surprise unveiling of the brass markers for both batches marked a timeless tribute to the graduates, their names now permanently engraved in the esteemed halls of DAPCC Tagaytay City, a lasting testament to their unwavering dedication and hard work. To cap off the ceremony, the Philippine Normal University Chorale delivered exceptional performances during the special dinner, creating a memorable and celebratory atmosphere for the graduates and their families.

From left to right: President Caronan unveils the timeless legacy of MMC Batch 29 and 30 with the brass marker, while the enchanting melodies of the PNU Chorale group add a touch of magic to the ceremony.